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Welcome all. 2015 was another great year for Tim & Friends. They have been busy. NEW Members in the Band, Regina Delaney (Harp), Roise Healy (Flute & Whistle) and new members of Afro Trad Ireland). NEW songs and tunes in the Live Show. They launched the NEW Studio 7 Track from Afro Trad Ireland in Germany last autumn and have yet to launch it in Ireland. NEW Towns and Venues on the German Tour 2016 and for the first time in 25 years starting the Autumn Tour in Western Germany. The current CD "15 Times Around" is 10 years old this year,and is selling well and still getting good reviews. Thanks to all of you that supported them and came to the gigs. In 2016 they were joined by new old friends, Regina Delaney (Harp) and Phil McRickard (Fildde / madolin). More tours and recordings are already planned for and a new studio CD for 2016. Keep checking this site for updates. See you all again soon.

2016 SPRING TOURS: Mar 03-17 USA, Apr 14-18 HOLLAND

2016 25th Anniversary AUTUMN TOUR: Sep 29-Oct 30 GERMAN AUTUMN TOUR

15th Anniversary FAIR DAWNING 1999.
Hard to believe it’s 15 years. To celebrate our debut we have reissued it for this anniversary year with a new easy to read cover and it will be available at the gigs again at a very special price.

2011:20th Anniversary.

We had a fantastic Anniversary German Tour 2011 way beyond our expectations. Thank you all.

2006: CD “15 Times Around” (1991- 2006)10th Anniversary 2016.

2006 marked our 15th Anniversary Year and to celebrate we have put together a 15 Track CD. This compilation also features Steve Wickham of "The Waterboys" on two tracks. We look forward to the next 15 years of memories and many experiences it may bring. Thank you all for your support, this is important to us and without it know the rest.


During 2015 we toured: USA, Germany and Holland.

2016 Diary:

January 16-20: IRELAND Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, Winter Music Festival.

February 20-24: IRELAND Killarney The Gathering Festival

Tim O'Shea & Friends - Late Night Festival Club Gigs & Schools Outreach

March 03-17: USA - Michigan & Chicago (Tim O'Shea & Friends)

2016 SPRING TOURS: Mar 03-27 USA

Mar 03 Thu       7pm Private Lansing Gig MI.
Mar 04 Fri       5pm Lansing Robin Theatre MI.
Mar 05 Sat       8pm Ann Arbor private MI.
Mar 06 Sun       8pm Detroit O'Mara's MI.
Mar 10 Thu       7pm Gaelic Park Sesh South Side IL.
Mar 11 Fri       4pm Chicago Emerald Loop IL.
Mar 12 Sat       12-2 Chicago Chief O'Neill's IL.
Mar 12 Sat       6pm Chicago The Grafton IL.
Mar 12 Sat       9-12 Evanston Celtic Knot IL.
Mar 13 Sun       1pm Chicago Square Celt IL.
Mar 17 Thu       2-4 Chicago Chief O'Neill's IL.
Mar 17 Thu       6:30pm Chicago Celtic Knot IL.
Mar 22 Tue       8pm Worcester Anicent Order Hibernian MA.
Mar 24 Thu       7pm Glens Falls Crandall Library NY.
Mar 25 Fri       8pm Saratoga The Grove NY.
Mar 26 Sat       7pm NY.
Mar 27 Sun       12-3 Saratoga The Inn Saratoga NY.

April 14-18: HOLLAND Amsterdam Mulligan's w Ger Culhane (Accordion)

May-Sept: IRELAND Co. Kerry Residencies & Festivals

Mondays 8pm Kenmare Davitt's
Tuesdays 8pm Kenmare Davitt's
Wednesdays 9pm Killarney Courtney's
Thursdays 9pm Killarney Courtney's
Fridays 8pm Kenmare Davitt's
Saturdays 2pm/8pm Killarney with Spraoi Chiarraì

June to Aug SPRAOI SPRAOI CHIARRAÍ 2016 Local Youth Performing Group Lackeen Productions proudly presents FREE Summer Concerts, Killarney, Co. Kerry $#40; Irish Traditional Music/Stories/ Dance/Song )

June 04 8pm "In Concert" St. Mary's Church of Ireland
June 25 8pm "In Concert" St. Mary's Church of Ireland
July 09 2pm "Trip to the Cottage" Deenagh Lodge
July 23 2pm "In Concert" St. Mary's Church of Ireland
Aug 06 8pm "In Concert" St. Mary's Church of Ireland
Aug 13 2pm "Trip to the Cottage" Deenagh Lodge
Aug 20 8pm "In Concert" St. Mary's Church of Ireland


Aug 10/11/12 IRELAND PUCK FAIR 2016 Kilorglin Co. Kerry

With Afro Trad Ireland, Spraoi Chiarraí & Tim O’Shea Irish Workshops



Wed 12 1:30pm


 Irish Dance with Mary P.

& Sean nós dancers


Wed 2:15 - 4:15pm


 Spraoi Chiarraí

& Young Set Dancers


Wed 5pm


 Afro Trad Ireland

& 4 piece drummers


Thu 11 - 12am


 Afro Trad Ireland

 5 piece band


Thu 11:30 - 1pm


 Irish Dance

Mary P.


Thu 1-2:30pm


 Irish Pipe & Drums

Tim & Friend


Fri 12:30 - 1:30pm


 Afro Trad Ireland

Sam & Tim


Fri 3-4pm


 Afro Trad Ireland

5 piece band


Fri 5pm


 Afro Trad Ireland

4 piece drummers

September 18: Ireland Killarney KDYS Culture Night with Afro Trad Ireland.

September 29-30 Ocotber 2016: 25th Anniversary GERMAN TOUR:

Tim O’Shea (Guitar/Vocal/Bodhrán) with:                                             
# Regina Delaney(Harp & Vocal)
* Philip McRickard(Fiddle &] Mandolin)

# Th. 29/10 Geissen

School Workshop

# Fr. 30/10 Marburg

Turm Café
# Fr. 02/10 Friedberg Theater Arts Hallenbad
# Mo. 03/10 Closewitz Kulturbuhne  
# We. 05/10 Altenburg Workshop & Concert
# Th. 06/10 Leipzig Mueckenschloesschen mueckenschloesschen-leipzig
# Fr. 07/10
# As. 08/10 Bad Salzungen Haunscher Hof
# Sa. 10/10 Bad Salzungen Haunscher Hof
# Su. 09/10 Treben Alter Malzerei
# We. 12/10 Schwarzbach Kirche
# Fr. 16/10 Marienberg Villa Baldauf
# Th.13/10 Erfurt St. Michael's Church
# Fr. 14/10 Zickra Kulturhof
# Sa. 15/10 Ponitz/Merrane Castle
# Su. 16/10  Lichtenwalde Schloss Orangerie
* We. 19/10 Hartha Worskhop & concert
* Th. 20/10 Harthat School
* Fr. 21/10 Schwemsal Gutshceune
* Sa.22/10 Schenkenberg Pfarrshceune  
* Su. 23/10 Linda Kirche 037322 50872
* Fri. 30/10  Schoengleina Kreuzgewoelbe
Tu. 25/10 Gera Steiner school
* We. 26/10 Geithain Burger Haus
* Th. 27/10 Schlettau Schloss
* Fr. 28/10 Schneeberg Goldenne Sonne
* Sa. 29/11 Breitenborn Kirche
* Su. 30/10 Franken Kirche

German Tour info: Email Robby -


Tim O’Shea (Guitar/Vocal/Bodhrán) with:                                             
* Regina Delaney (Harp & Vocal)
# Philip McRickard (Fiddle &] Mandolin)

Manager contact: at the end of the list

*Th. 29/09        Pohlheim "Schule"
*Fr. 30/09        Marburg "Spiegelslustturm"
*Sa. 01/10        Friedberg "Junity"
*Su. 02/10        Gießen "Haus Gottes"
*Mo. 03/10        Closewitz "Kulturscheune"
*We. 05/10        Altenburg "Friedrichgymnasium"
*Th. 06/10        Leipzig "Mückenschlößchen"
*Fr. 07/10        Pößneck "Folk Keller"
*Sa. 08/10        Bad Salzungen "Haunscher Hof"
*Su. 09/10        Treben "Alter Maelzerei"
*We. 12/10        Schwarzbach "Kirche"
*Th. 13/10        Erfurt "Michaeliskirche"
*Fr. 14/10        Zickra "Kulturhof"
*Sa. 15/10        Ponitz "Schloss"
*Su. 16/10        Lichtenwalde "Orangerie"
#We. 19/10        Hartha "Bibliothek"
#Th. 20/10        Hartha "Schule Workshop"
#Fr. 21/10        Schwemsal "Gutsscheune"
#Sa. 22/10        Schenkenberg "Pfarrscheune"
#Su. 23/10        Linda "Kirche" 037322 50872
#Tu. 25/10        Gera "Waldorfschule"
#We. 26/10        Geithain "Bürgerhaus"
#Th. 27/10        Schlettau "Schloss"
#Fr. 28/10        Schneeberg "Goldne Sonne"
#Sa. 29/11        Breitenborn "Kirche" 034346 61489
#Su. 30/10        Franken "Kirche"

German Tour info: Email (Robby)