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In this site you will find all the information you will need about Tim O'Shea & Friends. You can find out all about Tim's current and past projects. There is a Biography section as well as News and the useful information for music lovers, promoters, agents and all those interested in the music of Tim O'Shea & Friends. Feel free to look around and enjoy!!
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2017 "another skin too few"

Tim O'Shea and Friends - New CD "another skin too few" launch 25th February 2017. (INEC upstairs bar) as part of the Gathering Festival, Killarney

Tim O'Shea and friends launch their brand new CD. "another skin too few". A concept CD, they are happy, proud and humble to have arrived at this time and place to mark a musical milestone, "25 years on the road". The selection of tunes on this album may be a bit unusual for some, as there are no reels. The musicians remembered are, Paddy Cronin,(Killarney & Boston),John Cronin(Aghadoe & New York),Stephen Carroll(Kilcummin), Con Durham(Dublin & Dingle). Tim's "friends" on this CD feature Kerry Musicians: Rosie Healy - Headford, (Flute, Whistle & Harmony Vocal) and Michael D.Kelliher - Fossa (Accordian, Melodeon & Harmonica).Tim is Producer and provides a musical thread on (Guitar - Lead & rhythm, Vocal - Lead & spoken & Bodhran).

Track Listing:

1)(Polkas) Clog polka/Dan Leary’s/Many’s a wild night
2) (Slides) Going to the well for water/Callaghan from Clare/John Boyle
3) (Song) Follow the heron home Karine Polworth
4) (Song) One, two, three, days
5) (Jigs) Saddle the pony / Larry O”Gaff’s / The New York Jig
6) (Song) My love is a red, red, rose
7) (Hornpipes) Dinny O’Brien’s / Fairy Queen
8) (Poem) Traditional back roads / Boys of Barr na Sraide
9) (Marches) Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord / Silver Jubilee
10) (Song) Blackbirds and Thrushes Traditional
11) (Waltz / Hornpipe) Botharín Buí/Madame Bonepart Trad
12) (Song) Follow me up to Carlow Traditional
Bonus Track:

12a) (Gedicht) Auf traditionellen Wegen - Adrian Fox

To receive your copy of "another skin too few" Please send €18.00 (inc. P & P) international Money Order or Bank Draft to: Tim O'Shea c/o Variety Sounds College St. Killarney Co. Kerry Ireland For Digital downloads or Credit Card Purchases of “another skin too few:” Please visit (USA)

NEW Compilation CD “15 Times Around”:
2006 marks our 15th Anniversary Year and to celebrate we have put together a 15 Track CD
“ 15 Times Around”, featuring tracks from the last 15 years. There are five new studio and live tracks on this CD. This will be on sale at all live gigs this autumn,(2006).
Steve Wickham of the Waterboys features on two tracks. There are fourteen musicians on this collection.
Tim O’Shea & Friends –“15 Times Around”
– Fifteen tracks from the first fifteen years -

Track Listing:
1) (Song) Wexford Town (Live)
2) (Song) Whole World ‘Round (Live)
3) (Reels) Man of the House / The Tap Room
4) (Reels) New Copperplate / Old Copperplate
5) (Song) One Starry Night
6) (Jigs) Coolea Jigs / Mist Covered Mountain (Live)
7) (Reels) Ladd O’Beirne’s /Belles of Tipperary (Live)
8) (French Canadian Narrative) The Jeanie Johnston
9) (Instrumental) The Jeanie Johnston
10) (Slides) Cat jumped into the mouse’s hole / Going to the well for water
11) (Slow Air) Feartha Famine
12) (Song) Lake of Learning
13) (Polkas) Kelly’s Cow/Top of Maol / O’Connor’s
14) (Song) School Days Over
15) (Song) Máirín Geal Dubh (Live)

To get a copy of "15 times around" please send €15.00 international money order or Bank Draft to:Tim O'Shea c/o Variety SoundsCollege St. Killarney Co. Kerry Irelandfor Credit Card Purchases of “15 Times around” visit (USA)


Lake of Learning
They are pleased to present the long awaited new studio CD "Lake of Learning" from Tim O'Shea and Friends, featuring 4 reed instruments - uilleann pipes, accordion, concertina and clarinet. This instrument combination brings unique tone and colour to this CD. There are 4 songs and 8 sets of tunes. There are two of Tim's own compositions, one tune and one song "The Lake of Learning", inspired by the myths and legends of the Lower Lake of Killarney where Tim lives. With a couple of Sliabh Luachra slides and polkas (dance music of Ireland's south west), slow airs, reels and songs this CD is sure to offer something for everyone.

Tim O'Shea (Guitar, vocals, bodhrán & bones)
Barry Magee (Concertina)
Gerald Culhane (Accordion)
Matt Bashford (Uilleann pipes, low whistle & clarinet)
Paddy Jones (Fiddle)

Track Listing:
1)(Slides) The cat jumped into the mouse's hole / Going to the well for water
2)(Song) Lake of Learning
3)(Song) Humours of Lisheen / The mouse in the cupboard / Drisheen rambler
4)(Polkas) Kelly's cow / Top of Maol / O'Connors
5)(Song) Reconciliation
6)(Hornpipe) Cronin's
7)(Jigs) Birdsong / The butcher's march
8)(Song) Freedom is like gold
9) (Song)Feartha famine
10)(O'Carolan) Mr. O'Connor =
11)(Reels) The new customs house / Sailor's cravat / Small hills of Offaly
12)(Song / Slow reel) Willie Taylor / Roll in the barrel

To get a copy of "Lake of Learning" please send €15.00 international money order or Bank Draft to
Tim O'Shea
c/o Variety Sounds
College St.
Co. Kerry

for Credit Card Purchases of Lake of Learning Visit : (USA)